Lots About Lavender

Hi guys! I was doing some reading this morning and was thinking about how amazing God’s creation is… and I just wanted to share a little about one of my favorites, which is lavender essential oil. So lavender is known as the “swiss army knife” of essential oils, because you can use it for practically EVERYTHING.

This is probably the most common of our essential oils… but I just wanted to take a minute to talk about it and go through some of my favorite ways that I, or other friends have used it to support health and wellness in our lives.

Lavender is a pretty fascinating plant for me. It’s origin is actually here in the United States and in France. It was known pretty commonly as a decorative cottage flower, but it wasn’t until 1910 that a French Scientist named Rene Gattefosse discovered the amazing ability God placed in lavender to speed wound healing and promote tissue regeneration after suffering a very severe burn wound from a laboratory explosion. That was the start to some pretty amazing further discoveries about the medicinal strengths of Lavender. Interesting side note… Lavender essential oil is actually still listed in the British Pharmecopia!

So one of the most commonly known uses of lavender is for it’s AMAZING relaxation and sleep benefits. When I got my bottle of lavender, the first thing I did was put it in my diffuser that night… Talk about an AMAZING night’s sleep! Many people put it on the bottoms of their feet, a drop on their pillow or make a linen spray with it to use right before bed. It is AMAZING. I have a friend with several little ones, and she loves diffusing lavender when she’s getting them ready for bed because it calms them right down.

Another way we use lavender is for our bumps, scrapes, cuts and bruises… I took martial arts, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to come home with a few extra bruises… when I started using lavender I rarely had a bruise last over three days. It was AMAZING. It didn’t take my younger sisters long to realize how quickly it worked for their bug bites and bobos… and it didn’t take ME long to realize my lavender was being used MUCH more quickly than what I was using it myself! 😊

I have a friend whose husband was struggling quite a bit with his blood pressure. They were off and on several different medications, and it was sad to see how hard they were fighting it. They had heard of lavender and its effects on blood pressure… so he started carrying around a bottle and using it three times a day. Not only did it help balance out his blood pressure, but he also saw amazing improvement with his skin condition, hormonal balance and stress.

One last thing that I noticed from using lavender is it REALLY helps with hair growth. My hair had started to get pretty thin due to some other health issues I was having, and I started using lavender in my shampoo when I washed my hair. It did NOT take long for me to notice a whole slew of new hair coming in… it was AMAZING!!

And this is only a few ways we use it… It’s also amazing in laundry and homemade gifts such as bath salts, body scrubs, lip balms, etc. I’m actually making some this evening! 😊

Thank you so much for “listening” and if you have any questions send me a pm and I’d be happy to help you out with some answers!


“Just because I know something doesn’t mean I know it.”

There are so many times in life where someone may have known the answers, known what they should do or the way things ought to be, but couldn’t “get it” because they didn’t REALLY know. One can be told something over and over again, so they “know” it, but when God tells them, they know it. And when God starts working in and through that knowledge, they start to KNOW it!

a-single-roseSo many times sharing what is being learned helps one to process the information even better, so you’re helping by allowing them to share!

So just because someone may write an amazing blog post, article or thought, it doesn’t mean that they are fully spiritually mature or have fully learned that lesson and have it fully under control, just that the Lord is showing them, teaching them and growing them in that knowledge.